With the release of ‘Only Girl (In the World)’, the leak of ‘Who’s that Chick?’ and its accompaying video as part of a Dorito’s campaign, Rihanna thought it was called for to release the album cover of her soon to be released fifth record, Loud.

Loud is an amazing beauty shot, but it does not really represent the ‘loud’, vivacious concept of the album she sloppily described at the set of her film Battleship, right before the Mtv Video Music Awards.

The cover instead induces sleep, judging by the sight of her eyes shut. She looks incredible and the red hot hair seems to be drawing in attention, but it should be her and not her hair the main attraction of her album cover, as only her lips and hair mostly communicate its title. There is no need to be literal, but not contradictory or off mark either.

Rihanna has started formal promotion for Loud with an interview on BBC Radio 1 with Scott Smills, where she discussed the new album, calling it the perfect ‘Rihanna album’, photoshoots, not taking a break, states she has already shot the music video for ‘Only Girl’, and talks about her ridiculous hair. She is also being part of a Dorito’s campaign, in which her David Guetta produced track ‘Who’s that Chick?’, is being used as the theme song. The song has recently been reported to be part of the final tracklisting, after JustJared got a preview listen of tracks to be featured in the album.

Confirmed tracks as of now are a Nicki Minaj assisted uptempo ‘Raining Men’, a ballad titled ‘Fading Away’, ‘What’s My Name’, ‘Cheers’ (which samples Avril Lavigne’s ‘I’m With You’), and ‘S&M’. Her record seems to be shaping up just mighty fine, hope it sounds as incredible as they are hyping it up to be.

Her second single has also been confirmed to be ‘What’s My Name’, contrary to previous statements citing ‘Cheers’ as her following single.


Listen to her interview for BBC Radio 1 with Scott Mills below!

Watch the Dorito’s campaign commercial, featuring Rihanna and brief showings of the set for ‘Who’s that Chick?’. The official video for the track has been taken down due to copyright infringement.

Loud to be released November 16th.