Glee was highly anticipated after its ending on Nationals and its emotional numbers of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’. It is now back in full force and ready to take over TV screens once more.

Following the mega-successful first run of Glee, Ryan Murphy has just kicked off Season 2, meeting expectations and hitting new rating scores. Starting late September, with its first episode of the season, Glee garnered an audience of 12.42 million viewers, but the ensuing episode, the widely acclaimed Britney Spears tribute (Britney/Brittany), scored a whooping 13.5 million viewers, setting a new ratings record for the show. It seems Spears’ name, music and brief cameos were enough to ensure the episode’s effectiveness. This particular episode outdid those which were centered on Madonna and Lady GaGa in the past season.

Heather Morris, who plays ‘Brittany’ in the series, did amazing renditions of Spears’ hits; the episode was a winner in it’s entirely. She managed to keep a similar energy and vibe to that one Spears conveyed when she performed the singles incorporated in the episode. Considering the episode was about Spears and her influence in Pop culture and music, the cover for Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’, even though it being a stellar delivery by Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle), it seemed out of place.

The season’s third episode, ‘Grilled Cheesus’, airs October 5th, and it has been reportedly to be the most controversial episode of the series thus far, addressing Religion and what God means to the Glee Club members, as well as furthering Burt’s relationship to his son, Kurt.


Download Britney Spears tribute songs featured on the Episode below!

Download ‘Baby One More Time’

Download ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’

Download ‘Me Against The Music’

Download ‘Stronger’

Download ‘Toxic’

Download ‘The Only Exception’

Don’t miss ‘Grilled Cheesus’ next week, Oct. 5th.