Nelly Furtado returns to the English scene with ‘What You Want to Do (Night Is Young)’, the first single off her greatest hits compilation The Best of Nelly Furtado; this is a huge disappointment as the track was expected to be included in her highly anticipated upcoming English record, allegedly titled Lifestyle, to be supposedly released this year; all expectation can be shut down now. This had already leaked online a while ago, under the working title of ‘Free’.

Furtado has been known for having more than four sides to herself, resulting in coming up with something original and fresh through the blending of different sounds. ‘What You Want to Do (Night Is Young)’ does slightly differ from the current mainstream dance-electro-pop trend which has already taken over, but has somewhat of an influence from what mostly everyone else is currently doing, yet she is still able to give it her personal sparkle with her unique instantly recognizable vocals. The track has a trance tinge, and is fully a dance driven number, but at least it does not completely rehash the dance trend in general; a couple production tweaks save the song.

It sounds like it could have fit in Loose perfectly; it could be considered to be a mutation of ‘Do It’, with an extremely minor underlying of her Timbaland-Justin Timberlake collaboration ‘Give It To Me’ thrown with a much fast paced beat in the lines of ‘Explode’ minus the edgy world sound.

It is nearly 4 minutes of hands thrown up in the air, as the sound of it is engaging and euphoric. If Furtado’s new record will sound anything like this, one can safely say she is on the right track, but a little more originality and drops of edginess would really make it big, if not huge. The lyrics are positive and appealing, and the ‘free’ sung hook would be the catchiest moment in the track.

It is a great number, but it does not top ‘Promiscuous’, nor the incredibly percussive ‘Maneater’ and the out of this world gleam of ‘Say It Right’. It is not really a club anthem, but just a song to listen to while either getting ready or while driving to the club. It is not mediocre, but in comparison to what Furtado has come with before, it is sub-par. For a greatest hits album, it works just fine.

After the release of her Spanish record Mi Plan, everyone expected another studio album (as she promised), but a compilation of hits is a direct flip off; such a let-down.



Download ‘What You Want to Do (Night Is Young)’

The Best Of Nelly Furtado in stores November 16th.