Shakira has fully moved on to her next record after the promotion for She Wolf just went down the gutter, to the point of redesigning her tour, tailoring it to also promote Sale El Sol, her new bilingual release which sees her going back to her Latin roots.

‘Loca’ is a strict merengue Latin-pop hybrid, and the video reflects the loose nature of the song, following Shakira in the streets of Barcelona as she mildly causes a fan riot and a public nuisance. She flirts and belly rolls to the camera as she alludes to the ‘crazy’ label with gestures in reference to her head. There is little to no dancing for most of the video, but the visuals are entertaining nonetheless on first watch, as one wonders how the people will react to her as she prowls in the city streets. Dizzee Rascal makes a brief appearance and interacts with Shakira in the only set made for the video, a sand based area with a beach view, where Shakira sings parts of the song and jumps frenetically, as if she were really ‘loca’.

The video for ‘Loca’ confirms the previously stated desperate attempt by Shakira to make a return to the charts, by hinting at her 2001 promotional look for Laundry Service. As she roller-skates at the beginning of the video, her clothing ensemble is strikingly similar to what she wore for the ‘Underneath your Clothes’ video, and the golden pants and bustier reminisce the ensemble used for ‘Whenever, Wherever’ only gone glittery gold instead of muddy leather. Both of the aforementioned single videos were released off Laundry Service, which marked Shakira’s heyday worldwide; trying to rework what she has done already is an absolute fail. It is sad seeing a talented artist having to resource or re-do what they have already done to garner sales, people’s attention, and popularity. Another obvious aspect, aside unashamedly trying to recreate Laundry Service, is Shakira displaying an immensely thin mid-riff.

Regardless of Shakira’s marketing strategies to promote and sell the new album, ‘Loca’ is a nice video; it is different and quite fresh (but certainly not new) in comparison to other intricate special effects videos out there at the moment. In truth, simplicity works for Shakira, her talent makes up for the absence of effect-enhanced scenes. The naturalistic approach given fits the saucy/sexy-ness of the track. The way it is shot is the only turn-off, as the camera is lousily handled, but in essence the concept idea is not that bad.



Watch ‘Loca’ below!

Sale El Sol out October 19th.