Credited for crafting the most widely popular love-heartbreak song of 2005 with ‘You’re Beautiful’ off the multi-platinum selling Back To Bedlam, James Blunt dosed everyone until they could not take anymore. Two years after, Blunt released All The Lost Souls in 2007 to lesser success, and now is ready to release ‘Stay The Night’ representing and giving a taste of his third album, Some Kind Of Trouble.

The Linda Perry produced single does not stray too far from Blunt’s trademark soft rock sound, though sounding a tad bit more acoustic pop, reminiscing John Mayer’s work.  It is slightly fast paced and absolutely guitar driven. It is pleasing to the ear with captivating soft delivered ooh’s throughout; the song alludes to the late Michael Jackson in a verse while referencing singing to ‘Billie Jean’. The composition of the single is pretty simple, but effective.

Lyrically, it addresses new found love and being willing to hold on to it as what he has found is denoted as ‘gold’. Blunt’s particular vocals never went away and sound timeless in ‘Stay The Night’. If this is any sign of what musical route Blunt wants to take, it all points to staying with the sound that launched his career as a musician initially.

It is not as hard hitting as the material off his first record, but it is a great falling-in-love tune to sing along to while driving with the windows rolled down.



Some Kind Of Trouble set to hit the shelves November 8th.

Download ‘Stay The Night’