Testing a more electrified pop sound, Enrique Iglesias turns up electro-beats with a piano looped melody for ‘Heartbeat’, assisted by front Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger. For its music video, Iglesias and Scherzinger convey an empty darken dance floor with neon strobing light representing their connection, as both remain mostly apart throughout the clip.

Iglesias’ preceding music video ‘I Like It’ was the regular party video everybody else has already done in the likes of Lady GaGa when she started out with ‘Just Dance’ and Akon’s Guetta collaboration ‘Sexy Bitch’, along an extended array of pop artists who have played out the concept several times, but ‘Heartbeat’ is definitely something else.

The video opens with a faint beating light eradiating from Scherzinger’s and Iglesias’ topless bodies, as they sit in a dark set only illuminated by neon heart-sound waves. The scenery then switches to a room of mirrors creating a kaleidoscopic effect, where Iglesias and Scherzinger sing the chorus of the track, as the mirrors vibrate to the sound of the music, before it reaches a climax where both singers get up-close emulating a kiss under a faint blue light.

The lightning in the video is past extraordinary, and captures the vulnerability of the song though still sustains and reinforces its dance influence with the vivacious colors. Iglesias and Scherzinger are pure fire on screen; their interactions are steamy and sexy as both somewhat caress. Hiro Murai’s direction of for the video is brilliant, even if it does not seem to have a high budget, it works just mighty fine for the song without it falling on anything exaggerated.

It is nothing ground-breaking or anything to write home about exactly, but it is a nice new approach to Enrique Iglesias as he had not done anything like ‘Heartbeat’ before, both visually and musically wise. This could be Iglesias’ best video to date.



Watch ‘Hearbeat’ below!

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