Featuring Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve as its main cast, She’s Out Of My League is self deprecating depiction of insecurities emphasized in physical appearances, transmitting a bland message of self acceptance, through  a girl (out of a guy’s league) letting a plain guy in her heart.

It follows Kirk Kettner, in his regular dull routine, seeming unable to find a girl due to self esteem issues. Kirk‘s friends rate themselves for girls from 1 to 10, hence considering themselves either not good enough or too much for particular female mates. Kirk meets Molly; he is instantly startled after their brief encounter at his workplace at an airport. Kirk falls for Molly after dating, which roots from Kirk retrieving Molly’s forgotten cell phone. To Kirk’s surprise, his feelings are returned.

The film is non-effective. It is supposed to incentivize people who feel bad about their physical appearance or overall image, but in the end, it still depicts a critical case of self doubt and extreme low self worth, as the female character practically begs Baruchel’s role to believe she is genuinely in love with him. Kirk thus still seems to consider himself ‘not good enough’ for Molly by not taking a chance, blatantly rating himself a 5, and opting to runaway instead.

Even at the climax of the film, when Kirk is supposed to be at peace with himself when it comes to his self esteem, he still needs reassurance to take a step with Molly. A low budget YouTube-esque independently released film The Truth About Average Guys communicates what She’s Out Of My League tries to, in more simplistic unelaborated means.

She’s Out Of My League is an every-now-and-then laughter, as Kirk involves himself in the most awkward situations when dating Molly, from trying hard to impress with his dress up, to looking exactly like the waiters in a restaurant, or to ejaculating after a heated kiss and clothed-stimulated sex with Molly, before meeting her parents.  Aside from the mild laughter inducing scenes, it is a plain, lackluster dramedy just like the protagonist’s persona, with a predictable plot and stereotypical characters.



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