Following the epic orgy concept for ‘All The Lovers’, Kylie Minogue steps up her game by blending in elements of her greatest videos to bring about ‘Get Outta My Way’, a lightning spectacle, fiercely glamorous disco-fied nap, and hand sweeped choreographed spontaneity.

Minogue plays with the Aphrodite/Goddess theme in the video as well as she did in ‘All The Lovers’, minus the simplicity of a black & white striped ensemble, but opting for higher profile couture. It incorporates the mild choreography and chair props present in the previous and first televised performance of the single in North America for America’s Got Talent; the visuals for ‘Get Outta My Way’ are basically the show’s performance, but with all the required effects to really blow it out of the water.

Minogue lying in the midst of  an incandescent (almost faded out neon) lit stage sets the mood to the whole video and progresses into becoming a colorful light extravaganza, literally being given a start on Kylie’s hands, as she illuminates herself and the whole set, in unison with the introductory sublety of the song, then switching to incredible special effects, in sync to the stomping beat of the track; everything is on point.

The fashion and glamour are central, the visuals are stunning and the colors really convey a melancholic disco. It is simple, it is not pretentious. It could easily be considered ‘Slow’ meets ‘In Your Eyes’.



Watch ‘Get Outta My Way’ below!

Aphrodite already available worldwide.