Yet another adaptation of the extended novel catalog by Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song, describes the distinctive boy meets girl story turned into a significant summer love engaging romance, tackling on self belief and at long last, fatherly love. It stars Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear and features Kelly Preston as a supporting role.

It narrates how Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Miller temporarily moves to a small town in Georgia to visit her dad during the summer, after being accustomed to the life in New York City. Ronnie must adapt to the place throughout the summer, deal with her parent’s divorce, fall in love, reconnect with her musical passion and tie her divided relationship to her father.

The Last Song was developed as a novel under Disney’s request to Sparks with Miley in mind, to establish her as a credible and talented actress, who could pull off a serious character role in a resourceful film. It does not fail, but on the contrary, successfully allows Cyrus to show what she is capable of on screen, other than playing a teen living a double life as both a teenager and a pop star. It is ironic how the role gives Cyrus an identity.

Miley Cyrus’ acting in the film is actually reasonably legitimate and worth a praise. Her emotion is transferred to the film as she struggles with her feelings towards Hemsworth’s character and tries to mend her relationship with her father (Kinnear).Cyrus surprisingly shines in the film, it is hard not to associate it with her role in Hannah Montana, as the musical concept of the film does not stray too far from the outset of her breakout series role. In fact, The Last Song feels as if it were a great spin-off to the Disney series.   

Cyrus’ enragement towards her parent’s divorce in the film is credible without being too dramatic; one can say she really submersed herself in the character. Her interaction with Hemmsworth as her partner is cute and enthralling as she transcended from ‘playing hard to get’ to giving him a chance.

Hemmsworth character, although it being fundamental to the plot, is just wadding in the film. He owns his role but only serves as an enhancer to let Cyrus’ character come to life and widen itself.

Being it the common love story, The Last Song somehow manages to show how influential and mind changing, if not a little maturing, the experience of love is.



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