Looking ahead of the well produced-choreographed numbers of the Glee series, there is certain significant subject matter addressed to the teen and young adults community. It carries a message to teenagers to accept themselves, work with what they were gifted with and to light up that spark in them even if there are limitations.

Glee reflects human needs for attention, stardom, authority, motivation, approval and self-respect. It celebrates diversity and presents the anti-values misinterpreted by teenagers, attempting to trigger the opposite.

Audiences take Glee as a school popularity stratus, as laughable drama and great musical showings, but that is a sheer misconception, as it is one of the most beneficial shows playing on TV in these days. It encourages parental communication, involvement in school activities, team work, to stick up for one another and help each other when needed. Even though it does not directly promote abstinence from sex, it does depict its consequences when sex is mishandled. With the wide open display of sexualities, ethnicities and disabilities being put aside, it thus brings about and emphasizes what the characters have in common instead, thus what consequently unites a group of people.

In a way, it also cultures today’s generation when it comes to music, as the cast aside from performing current mainstream pop music, also blast to the past covering classics, which were defining moments to the music of today or at least as one knows it.

It is certainly entertaining, but beyond the musically based scenery, adolescent drama, and mild adult humor thrown in the middle of what seems cheesy baloney, it addresses serious and credible substance when it comes to teenage doubt, insecurity, self-esteem, self-worth, relationships, individuality, self-acceptance and even teenage pregnancy. If the general public picks up on it is a whole different story, but Glee did its part.


Look out for Season 2, airing this September, featuring a Britney Spears-dedicated episode, in which Spears will make an appearance herself.

Check out Spears shooting scenes for Glee below.