Ciara tops her The Evolution hit ‘Promise’ with ‘Speechless’, lifted off Basic Instinct. The track predominantly has horns throughout as the base beat, it is deep down urban, and keeps steady with constant thumps before it breakdowns in mild piano keys as Ciara delivers in a seductive tone replicating subtlety. Releasing it along ‘Gimmie Dat’ as a dual single allows audiences to see the variety the new record offers.

Originally leaked featuring The-Dream, Ciara’s sole presence pull off the song without any assisted guest vocals and prove Ciara can carry a tune by herself, and is able to make it sound like a hit without a featured name added to it for enhancement.

It is a perfect cut and a joyful calling out to messy white sheets after sex.  It is a little Janet Jackson combined with ‘Like A Surgeon’ off her previous album, Fantasy Ride,  along with low background oh oh’s.

It is a great R&B slow pacer addressing a perfect love relationship of two where she repeatedly sings ‘You’re so good to me’ and sheds from pretense communicating she has fallen for love, and calls it her own muse. The lyrics can be understood in different contexts, she seems to address a male figure, love and music itself at once.

With it being a midtempo and a love song for the most part, it has that Ciara swag which makes the listener move no matter it being somewhat a ballad or a floor jam. The song is mellow, ebullient R&B which by accident stays true to its title, as no words can describe the eerie feel-good mood of the track as well as its beggaring description horned stomp, which invites the listener to tap toes to. Drawing influence and elements from all her past killer tracks, ‘Speechless’ is without a doubt a winner.

Basic Instinct to be released October 5th.



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