3OH!3 move to their second single ‘Double vision’, yet another formulaic cut off their album Streets of Gold. 3OH!3 concept ‘Double Vision’ as a top-floored shot perspective in a set depicting a 2-D website.

Even though it has already been done by Adele in ‘Chasing Pavements’ and by Coldplay with the Shinola directed ‘Strawberry Swing’, 3OH!3 make it their own by adding their particular whim and eccentric goof oddities. It follows a vertical shooting, across a white floor drop where the duo lay in custom made counters and backgrounds, as they drag themselves on the ground to recreate an advertising website interaction with what seem YouTube videos and dating sites.

Obviously they did not deliver nor execute the ceiling-less budgets of Adele’s and Coldplay’s videos, which had more complexity in their visuals, but the duo were able to make an enjoyable video, which could be classified as inventive as far as it concerns them, for not being too literal when it came to the content of the track, of  being surrounded by extremely good looking women as the song describes.  There are pretty women in bikinis in the video, but they do not become the actual focus.  The video in fact generates the ‘double vision’ deliberately, as one has to focus both on the girls and the video-website scroll.

This probably marks the one and only worth watching video 3OH!3 has released in their career. It is a great step up from their preceding video for ‘My First Kiss’ featuring Ke$ha, with cheap props, random people kissing, and a lot of green screen, if not just green screen entirely.



Watch 3OH!3 recreating the internet below!