Newcomer Sky Ferreira, after releasing ‘One’ as her debut single overseas, Ferreira delivers ‘Obsession’ as her second off her upcoming debut album to be released in early 2011, and first to be launched in America and around the Globe.

Ferreira demands to be someone’s obsession, claiming there is nothing wrong with OCD as long as it entails her. It is a very radio-friendly Ryan Tedder produced upbeat track, introduced by guitar riffs which then evolve into a pop-electro-rock wallop. It is a mix of Kelly Clarkson with Ke$ha’s electronic synthesizers, the attitude displayed by P!nk in ‘So What’ and a borrowed vibe off Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.

Ferreira’s vocals are real strong throughout the song, sound convincing and truly confident throwing in a tinge of needy angst as an undertone. Tedder proves to be an effective producer with ‘Obsession’ as it does not sound like anything he has produced before; no recycled beats at all.

The edgy synths and electric beats swirling in the midst of guitars and chants fit her like a glove. In comparison to what Ferreira offered with ‘17’ and ‘One’, it may seem as mainstream material, but aside its commercial appeal, Ferreira stamps her name all over it, making a distinction from what others release. Ferreira is no rock star, but ‘Obsession’ surely rocks.



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