‘Teenage Dream’ is a departure from the preceding candy-coated music video for ‘California Gurls’, and shows a different, more heartened and emotional side to Perry, as she sings about going ‘all the way’ and ‘falling in love’.

The video resolutely follows the lyrics, and has Perry frolicking in the beach with the sunset lightning the scenes; speed-driving in a highway, entering a motel with her love interest and partying it up with an outbreak of love at a parking-lot. It encloses the vibe of feeling like a teenager, and not exactly being one.

The color schemes used really bring about a 90’s feel. The illumination throughout is just impeccable, from the plain sunny driveway, the sunset lit beach scenes, the moody faint sun-windowed motel room to the luminescent pool smolder shots. Director Yoann Lemoine worked the camera magnificently and lit the set in a very artsy manner.

The video guest Josh Kloss (The O.C.), plays Perry’s love interest. It is odd how Perry, during the making of the video, called ‘cuts’ and found it hard to carry out the scenes with Kloss as she is engaged to Russell Brand, but the connection between Perry and Kloss in the video is remarkably intense and does give out a sense of mutual chemistry.

Katy Perry just could not do wrong with this. It is sun-drenched, romantic, giddy, melancholic, lively and ultimately blissful; it literally slaps summer love all over.



Watch ‘Teenage Dream’ below!