Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are complete opposites, but they click in I Love You, Man; a comedy meets drama on friendship values.

Peter finds himself proposing to his girlfriend Zooey, and has it all mapped out for their wedding and future home; the only thing he let slip under the radar: a best man. Having the fact of ‘no-friends’ constantly rubbed against his face by Zooey’s posie, who think less of him for not having a solid social circle, Peter starts a serial man dating in order to find a friend he can invite to his wedding until he meets Sydney, after disastrous dates gone by all means wide off the mark.

The embarrassment of both Segel and Rudd at first sight and the instant glimmer both light the minute they interact is awfully hilarious; particularly their first phone interactions when Peter tries hard to be ‘the cool dude’ attempting name calling and Peter’s inclusion in Zooey’s friends male corresponding partners.   

I Love You, Man is a laugh after another, is quite a joy ride with its humorous sequences. Aside from mild dark humor by Segel’s character, the film does not go overboard with sexual references and wronged concepts concerning manhood. It is uproarious from start to finish, from Rudd’s character as Peter trying to impress Sydney (Segel) to eventually both developing a man crush on each other; these two are the perfect match on screen. It is incongruous how Rashida Jones, as Rudd’s girlfriend Zooey, lacks the connection Rudd shares with Segel in the film.

In this day and age, it is hard to find a comedy which in fact does what a real comedy is supposed to, make the watcher have a good laugh out of it and I Love You, Man does it wonderfully and with ease. It is the byword of a ‘bromance’.



Watch the trailer for I Love You, Man below!