M.I.A. finally premieres the visuals for her single ‘XXX0’. The video just screams color, green screen and lame everywhere. It is overtly colorful and messy with M.I.A. crawling and moving around wearing hideous bodysuits, as golden Arabian text passes by in the middle of scenes. There is only one word to describe: Horrible.

With sparkly cartoon-ish figures emerging kaleidoscopically and blurred out in what seems water, ‘XXX0’ makes Ke$ha’s horrid cartoons for ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ decent. It is tacky by all means, the whole video looks like a cheap custom-made e-card with msn emoticons and plain Windows fonts. It could have done without all the terrible pixel-flashy roses, swans, hearts and frames; if only the beauty shots and lip close-ups would have been used, it could have turned out differently.

There is a difference between trying to be original, pushing it and being absolutely ridiculous, and M.I.A. attempts all three, but results in the latter. ‘XXX0’ is barely watchable, the track is okay to listen to but the promotional video does not showcase the song, but instead makes it sink in this entire budget-less crap. It is a disaster, fan made videos would have been a whole lot more professional than ‘this’.


Watch ‘XXX0’ below…