Maroon 5 has moved on to their second single off Hands All Over, an apparent 80’s retro inspired piece of soft rock.

It opens with sole drums as a guitar starts off the first verses. Adam Levine’s delivery is near perfection with his falsetto. The track builds up from a drummed-guitar driven versification to a soft rock fusion with funk. The instrumentation is excellent, the lyrics are well put, and Levine’s tone conveys discomfort and insistence when ‘giving’ and having nothing in return.  

 It does not push any new musical ground exactly. It once again sounds like everything else they have done before, it is a superb listen but it only becomes another extension of their music catalog. Their trademark is turning into a misapprehension of style, and it will eventually wear out. Polishing their sound for almost eight years now is too much, it is about time Maroon 5 tries something different.

They should not even bother on naming their albums differently, as everything seems to come off the same body of work. At least it has a different mood than that of ‘Misery’ and there is still quality to their craft, even if it is not any difference to what they have recorded in the past years.

The single begs for ‘a little more’, they should take their own advice; bet the audiences wish Maroon 5 would give a little more as well. Maroon 5 should look for new management and take a time to experiment with different music arrangements.


Hands All Over due September 21st.


Download ‘Give A Little More’