Keri Hilson goes second round with the Timbaland produced ‘Breaking Point’; a women incentivizing R&B midtempo where she questions a male figure throughout, and sets the record straight when it comes to female emotion.The single leads off Hilson’s upcoming record No Boys Allowed.

‘Breaking Point’ is a slightly faster and lighter version of ‘Energy’, her original debut single off In a Perfect World… It goes along the same lines of Beyoncé’s ‘Irreplaceable’ but gone better; it almost seems to be a B-side to the aforesaid song.

It encourages women to stand for themselves, to swing their fingers at their men, and set their boundaries; it declares women can bear a lot but clarifies there is a limit to their love, something several other songs have already made clear. It is monotonous and ruminates on how women can be ‘lied to and cheated on’, it becomes dreary after a couple listens; it basically justifies female mood swings and rants on how hard it is to be a woman.

It is a slow jam with a storming beat, it may bring a head nod or at least a finger snap at first, but it is quite forgettable. Despite the track being awfully well written (after all Hilson is part of The-Clutch, a talented ensemble of songwriters), ‘Breaking Point’ is weak and not strong enough to make it for a first single to back an album up, but works more as a plain filler. It attempts some sort of woman revolution, but the theme has been done before; it is nothing ground-breaking, it actually sounds like a Beyoncé left-over.


No Boys Allowed to be released later in the year.


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