American Idol runner-up David Archuleta preps his sophomore record with the release of ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ as its first single.

Archuleta struts desolated urban streets, settles in a multi light bulb lit alley where in-love couples paint red hearts in brick walls in an apparent teenage gather, interspersed with product placement and a random pro-social behavior scene. It is a cute pop song along an easygoing video.

The lightning is very summery and slightly despondent at times but then turns into a bright ‘lightbulbed’ waver as Archuleta hits the bouncy chorus. The way it was shot under leaves shades is brilliant, but roughly, it is uninteresting since it lacks a storyline.

The concept is pretty straight forward and obvious as it matches the lyrics of the track, portraying how joyous and vivacious love is. ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ is lenient but works for a feel-good tranquil song.



Watch the video below!