Ciara will be dropping her fourth album Basic Instinct, slated for an October release. After the struggling success of her first minimally promoted single, Ciara moves forward with ‘Gimmie Dat’, a fast faced club banger past the chill vibe of ‘Ride’.

‘Gimmie Dat’ is ‘1, 2 Step’ meets ‘Get Up’ with a much faster tempo. It is quite a traverse of hip-hop and electro-crunk beats. It is fresh and sounds different to what she’s done before in spite of the influence mash-up from previous singles. It is very up to date, pulsating and highly brisk. The track progresses from an electrifying beat to a softer vocal delivery as a bass line thumps in the background before it builds up to hit the chorus; Ciara really brings it.

It seems Ciara is really sticking to going back to her roots and to what allowed her to make it big with music. Ciara will surely be dancing the balls off this single once it is released on video. ‘Gimmie Dat’ is certainly a keeper and proves Ciara does not need a guest feature to make it relevant.

Basic Instinct pushed back to October 5th.



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