Due to the blatant sensual nature of Perry’s new record, loose use of the ‘F’ word in one of her album cuts, ‘Circle the Drain’ and the obvious innuendo in ‘Peacock’, Teenage Dream will bear a Parental Advisory-Explicit Content label on the cover. This has been confirmed by online retailers which already have the album available for pre-ordering. ‘Clean’ or edited versions will be available as well.

On the heels of the release of Teenage Dream, more information surrounding the album has been revealed, including its third upcoming single following ‘Teenage Dream’, confirmed to be the purportedly empowering ‘Firework’.

The iTunes store countdown to Teenage Dream culminates this August 17th, with the track ‘E.T.’; if all promotional singles have been purchased, an exclusive bonus track will be unlocked, it has been rumored to be either an album outtake ‘Part of Me’, or an official remix to one of the album singles.

Perry currently promotes the new album down-under, and is scheduled for a gig in New York City this August 27th for The Today Show.