Kanye West experimented with auto-tune and slight singing in his preceding record 808’s & Heartbreak, and his newly released single ‘See Me Now’ finds him imprecisely melodically rapping.

It has a great retro/old-school R&B beat, and features catchy rhymes, but it is simply a huge ego pat as most of West’s tracks are, where he indulges and celebrates his accomplishments by rubbing it on someone else’s face.

It features Charlie Wilson (lead vocals for 1970’s funk trio Gap Band), and Beyoncé predominantly, who delivers smooth-strong vocals throughout the track. ‘See Me Now’ is an unashamed slap in the face to those who criticize West for his antics and self-venerating public remarks. He brags about having Beyoncé on the track and about being pasted on any cover magazine if he wanted to, going as far calling out brands he wears, reassuring he will always remain on scene as ‘black excellence’ no matter the circumstance.

It is a 6 minute long kiss-off to the haters divulging what he does best, and affirms regardless of what he does, he will still be ‘the greatest in the world’. The I.D. and Lex Luger produced ‘See Me Now’ is the second single off his upcoming album Dark Twisted Fantasy scheduled for a November release.  

Kanye West delivers quality and has obvious talent when it comes to rhymes and killer rapping, but that does not justify egocentricity.



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