Eminem just premiered his second promotional video off his recently released album Recovery.

Rihanna looks great in hot pink hair and Eminem wears basically what he mostly wears in all his videos, low hanging jeans and a white tank. The music video reflects exactly what the song communicates, by showing a love-hate relationship.

The Joseph Kahn directed video is amazing in imagery, the representation of their love dying down in the burning house is superb, the effects do not look cheap and in fact look fantastic, but Eminem and Rihanna are mere fillers in the middle of great visuals and a boring track. Eminem and Rihanna barely interact in the video, and Rihanna seems forced when faking repressed anger when she sings. It seems corny and unnatural. Eminem’s aggressive suggestions are so last year, or so 2004 one should say, his angsty rapping is being too overdone and extremely pointless.

The video is interesting for the storyline of two loving each other but frequently clashing too much. The fact Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan (from the Lost series) play the love counterparts in the video its attention grabbing, but aside from that, the whole thing is a snooze fest.



Watch the video below!