The long awaited seventh installment of the Harry Potter series is just months away from its premiere. David Yates returns to direct the final segments. Filming took a year and a half to complete and ended June 12, 2010. All cast members are reprising their original roles. The following part is due next year in July.

The ridiculous Twilight craze can officially be put to sleep…for good. Expect it to break new records when it is released.

Take an inside look at three newly released featurettes on how filming was developed along commentaries from the film producers, director and leading role actors, as well as a sneak peek to new sequences from the movie.  

‘The Story’

‘Forest Run’

‘On The Run’

In case it went by unnoticed, check out the amazing trailer below!

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. I, coming November 19th.