Grown Ups is supposed to be a comedy, but it in fact is mind-numbing for the most part. It does have its moments when one is slightly forced to chuckle, but other than that, the film is just plain.

It tells the story of five talented junior basketball team players, who become their coach’s favorites. They grow up apart and live complete different lives. The passing of their coach brings them all together thirty years later, and they get to remember their good times at a lake house in company of their families, where they also must get to know themselves one more time.

Salma Hayek’s character does not suit her and instead of the actual movie being funny, she becomes the joke herself. Chris Rock, despite being quite the comedian, does nothing to amuse the watcher in the film. Kevin James seems to have a tendency of frowning in all his roles, because he has done it in other films just as much as in this one. Adam Sandler used to be hilarious and rather the laughter-starter in the screen way back in Happy Gilmore and The Water Boy, but Grown Ups is far from achieving what the preceding films mentioned brought to the general public.

The film shows Sandler being practically himself. Lately, his movies have turned a screened look into his personal life instead of being actual scenery for entertainment purposes. He generally plays the same character in all his movies and Grown Ups is no different. It seems as if his character were just another side to his previous on-screen portrayals.

Grown Ups instead of comedy turns out to be a melodramatic sequence, more of a ‘dramedy’, yet still the drama outweighs the humor immensely.



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