After the appalling music video for her comeback single, ‘Not Myself Tonight’, Aguilera tones it down for the ballad, ‘You Lost Me’.

Directed by Anthony Mandler, Christina goes back to form, leaving out all the sexual antics, middle fingers and dominatrix leathered costumes, going for simple black and white ensembles, an empty vintage boudoir and a burnt down backdrop instead.

Mandler really captures the haunting emotion of the song in the dark shooting; the dim and bright illumination of the set are dramatic and in accordance to the mood of the video. The way it progresses from obscure scenery to a clearer photography is on point without being too staged or exaggerated. The transitions flow well and without a glitch introduce a different scene. The hazy effects and allusions to signify the sense of loss and desolation are faultless, and Aguilera’s delivery is incomparable; she truly embodies the feeling of the song.

Aguilera looks incredibly young in ‘You Lost Me’, one could easily assume it was shot while she promoted her first record way back in 1999.



Watch Aguilera’s music video below!