Taylor Swift is set to release her third album, Speak Now, October 25th. ‘Mine’ serves as the first single off the new record, and upon first listen, it is nothing new nor a heightened musical accomplishment from what she has already done.

Swift’s vocals are still weak and both her sound and delivery show no distinction from her past work. ‘Mine’ could easily mesh well in either her debut or Fearless as an album cut or a bonus track.

It is well written accompanied with a beautiful melody. It has a catchy chorus and will play on heavy rotation on radio, and might become yet another hit for Swift, but in reality, it is just another country-pop number, which slides more into pop than country, and still follows the exact same structure of her previous singles.

The lyrics are quite resourceful and a little less juvenile, with the only difference of instead addressing high school, they now introduce a ‘college’ insinuation, leaving behind all worn references to fairytales, castles and prince charming. It was entirely written by Taylor Swift while production was handed over to Nathan Chapman.

According to Swift, this track is inspired by her ‘tendency to run from love’ but finding an exception; it is a no-nonsense description of a relationship unlike her past love-related songs.

‘Mine’ is a nice listen, but it is nothing one has not already heard from Swift.



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