Ke$ha still sticks to her party animal ways in ‘Take It Off’, the fourth single off her booming debut, Animal.

Directed by Paul Hunter, ‘Take It Off’ is a wild empty pooled colored glitter fest. For the very first time, it shows Ke$ha cleaned-up and keeping it rather classy in comparison to her previous videos; she actually looks arrestingly stunning.

Her lacking ability of interacting with the camera and obvious allusions and mannerisms to the lyrics are is still present, but one does not pay much attention to it as the video focuses more on the colorful sand-glitter effects throughout.

The concept remains in line with the lyrics of the song, which sees party goers literally taking it off and smashing trash cans, as they turn into glitter dust (or ‘star dust’ as stated by Ke$ha herself) while they rock out to the tune. It is a hot mess, but in a good way.

It is a great step-up from ‘Your Love Is My Drug’, which also saw dry and sloppy camera interaction as well as cheap cartoon-inspired animation to supposedly represent a high state of mind, but failed miserably.

The whole thing is incessantly staggering from start to finish, unlike her past promotional videos where only a couple of scenes were rousing while the rest kept dull and unexciting. The way the video was shot and the colored effects used to commemorate the glittered freak gathering keeps it all interesting.

‘Take It Off’ is Ke$ha’s best video and most imaginative implementation to date.



Watch Ke$ha romping on sandy glitter below!