Neil LaBute remakes 2007 British film, Death at a Funeral, turning into a hysterical black comedy.  

It centers in Aaron Barnes’ father memorial service. It follows the family coming together and dealing with the awkward moment of meeting distant relatives, and the only two brothers having to discuss the ensuing funeral expenditures. The secret life of the recently passed is brought to light and from then on, the service just turns into a mess-up after another, until the characters must bare themselves from false pretense, redirect focus to family values and actually mourn.

Death at a funeral comprises several renowned actors in its cast to recreate the unthinkable at a funeral in the midst of sorrow, desperation, family affairs, personal interest and absolute craziness.

Chris Rock is certified as a comedian beyond measure in this film, anyone who grieves and still keeps it all humorous deserves a round of applause; Rock pulls it off and maintains the tragic-comedy on point. The film finds Danny Glover in a role no one thought he would ever play, an old demanding obnoxious uncle on a wheel chair; Glover, even on a wheel chair, makes the role significant despite it being secondary. Martin Lawrence does not add anything to the film aside from his cocky, exaggerated and unexciting personality. The film could have done without him. James Marsden takes the crown and steals the show, playing a exuberantly hallucinogenic character after being given a drug as ‘valium’ by accident. The movie punch lines do it for a chuckle, but Marsden’s role turns them into the actual yarn. Marsden even furthers his acting versatility as he recreated Alan Tudyk’s iconic rooftop nude scene from the original version of the film.

This is a funeral gone on steroids; totally worth attending.



Check the trailer for Death at a Funeral below!