Ciara’s unquestionable dancing skills are the supreme highlight of her new music video for ‘Ride’, directed by Diane Martel, who has worked with Ciara in several of her past promotional videos.

Regardless of top notch choreography relying on dance troupes in other recent videos, fans were wondering if Ciara would actually go all out for her next, and she certainly does. Ciara rides her track the minute it starts until it ends, edited with brief beauty shots in a white backdrop, black stilettos and a faux-fur coat. The video peaks when Ciara alludes to the title of the track and suggestively rides a mechanic bull in hot shorts and a wet white tank top. Following no story line, it solely focuses on Ciara under bright and dim illumination as she ‘rides the beat’.

The music video is searing hot and steamy right from the second Ciara starts to slap the floor, swivel her hips and seductively stares at the camera as whipping sounds accentuate her moves. It is simply executed but does it for the sensual midtempo, allowing Ciara to bust a move, booty pop, flirt and tease all at once in her Atlanta Braves cap. It is fierce, and no less than what fans would expect. Even with the conception for the video being sex-driven, it does have a lot of personality and swagger. This video proves there is no need to rely on a large budget when there is actual talent.



Take a look at Ciara getting down below!