Brendan Fraser reprises his role as the intrepid Rick O’Connell off The Mummy. One would expect adventure and a different treatment to the story, but instead it is just plain nonsense, boldly following the exact same plot line as its previous film, The Mummy Returns, except this time is not Anubis’ army, it is a Chinese emperor’s.

The very same elements which made the first two installments entertaining and original are present here, a rising power figure threatening to wretch the world and those living in it, but the rule of ‘3 is a charm’ does not apply in this case.

American actress Maria Bello takes Rachel Weisz’s role as Eve, and one must admit, it is atrocious from every way possible. She ruins the character with a clearly faked British accent, which is pathetic, extremely unfitting and hackneyed; hence Bello’s little involvement in dialogue. Bello only speaks when required, and her lines are a ‘too hard’ struggle to re-do what Weisz did when she was given the role initially. In the end, Bello does not make the role her own.

The script is futile and too structured to be comical, but on the contrary turns corny and predictable. The interaction between Fraser and Bello is an embarrassment; there is no connection, no relation and no significance. Their acting in this is lacking, dull and middling.

Also, it is worth commenting the producers and director slipped off the fact Fraser and Bello do not look like parents to the much older Alex in the film, their son in the story, now sitting over his twenties. Bello and Fraser show no sign of age over ‘their son’ but rather look like peers to actor Luke Ford, who plays Alex.

The computer generated imagery and its visual effects on the whole are cheap and shabby. The whole film is a shamble, from its already done plotline to its ridiculous implications. Basing oneself on the fact the Emperor (the alleged mummy) is not even a mummy but a terracotta statue, gives it all away and shows the level of absurdity the film entails. The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor seems more of a joke than an actual action-adventure film. It already threats with a sequel; make sure to skip.


Watch the trailer below!