Jeff Kinney’s bestseller has made its way to the big screen, and its visual interpretation is just as exceptional as the books. It follows Greg Heffley’s tough misinterpreted adaptation to middle school, which is seen more of a social monopoly other than a learning source.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid deals with the awkward transition between childhood and becoming an alleged ‘teenager’. It is the typical big brother play of putting different misconceptions regarding ‘fitting in’ and ‘being cool’ in a little brother’s head.

It is a tangible representation of youngsters’ irrational idealism and gullibility, but then shifts focus into putting friendship to test and to in fact, grow up, and discerning if becoming popular is as worth it as it seems.

The cartooned graphics of the film pay tribute to the book’s illustrations. They really do the book justice and indeed bring to life both the characters and the situations they find themselves involved in. The graphics and transitions are extraordinary and work as more of an insertion into a child’s mind than mere leisure and allusion to the book.

The film is ultimate fun; it reflects how one used to feel in these children’s shoes, of trying too hard to be notable at this age and developmental juncture. The characters and the actual plot are humorous, but are a reality. It is one looking back at the golden days when the playground and the whole world were one block wide, and the hardest decisions to be made where choosing which crayon to color with as it were.  

Diary… is about growing up, not becoming a teenager exactly, or a well adjusted pre-teen in middle school, but growing in the sense of embracing and accepting childhood while making the most of it while one is at it, and most importantly, in due course knowing what friendship stands for. It is a valuable take on self worth and self esteem.  

Under Thor Freudenthal’s direction, the film could not have been any better. Interesting to note, Kinney (the book series author) served as the film’s executive producer.



Check  out the trailer below!