Ke$ha has been part of the music industry since long ago by writing and providing backing vocals to major artists; most notably in FloRida’s #1 ‘Right Round’, where her vocals went unaccredited. At last, she had her chance at stardom and brings Animal, a self written party limerick, filled with likable pop beats.

The record has the party theme as a predominant and consistent subject matter in all the songs, even in those which slow down the tempo of the energetic jumping thumpers. The songwriting is not anything beyond this world, on the other hand is pretty bland, but does it for record which is bland and plain in itself. The constant references to the party scene are trashy, corny and have been heard all before.

The production by mostly Dr. Luke, is absolutely rampant and gripping, yet Ke$ha takes the tracks and leads them nowhere, in fact her voice goes nowhere as well. Ke$ha’s vocals are weak, her voice falls flat and is mostly layered by synthesizers and auto-tune, ultimately letting a computer do the talk, in this case, the singing, if one can call it that in the first place, considering Ke$ha mostly sing-talks throughout the whole record, and justifies it by calling it ‘sing-rap’. She can fool herself, but not the listener. Her voice becomes more of a screech surrounded by nifty production, other than an actual vocal ability.

Her half assed vocals transcend to a slight note of seriousness in ‘Hungover’, ‘Dancing with Tears in my Eyes’ and the title track, which surprisingly is a very well crafted pop number with sense-making lyrics. The slower songs or midtempos are the standouts of Animal, and it is a shame they will just go unnoticed by being album cuts as they probably won’t ever be released since they are what wouldn’t sell.

The title track is actually hard to take it as part of the ‘wild’ and ‘out there’ character of the album; it might either mean there is multiplicity and range in what ‘Ke$ha’ is or means the whole album was commercially crafted and Ke$ha was only allowed to have one song to let her true self come to light; if the latter applies, what a sellout.

The album is indeed fun to listen as there is a certain quality to it, but there is no personality. By mere sight, Ke$ha could be considered a low scale Lady GaGa when it comes to style over substance; the only difference with GaGa actually having talent and an attention arousing image. Animal is fun pop, but it is yet another notch in the dance pop trend blowing up in radio. It is nothing neither new nor inventive, but on the contrary, just another approach given to pop.