‘King of Anything’ is lifted as the first single off Kaleidoscope Heart, Sara Bareilles’ upcoming sophomore album.

Bareilles set her mark in the music scene with the release of ‘Love Song’ back in 2007. Addressing heartbreak and an underlying flip off, the song became her biggest hit to date. It seems Bareilles would be considered a one hit wonder by simply basing oneself on the previously stated fact, but her first album Little Voice (after debuting in the Top 50) became a Top 5 in the charts with the garnered attention and praise from critics, thus establishing Bareilles as a plausible musician.

‘King of Anything’ is adult contemporary pop, following her debut single formula, only becoming a more unconcealed ‘F*ck you’. It is a radiant break-up song, about getting over, moving on and being liberated from a controlling relationship. It opens with repeated  ‘uh-oh’s’ as an apparent warn to a partner. The cynical lyrics are exceptionally well written. The chorus is a piano-clapped driven melody; it is beguiling. It is a laid back tune but sarcastically reaffirms personal belief, and rejecting undesired advice when it comes to love.

So far it has made a peak of #51 in the Billboard Hot 100; hopefully it will become another hit for her. The track is clever and appealing, but only the new record will tell if there is any upgrade to Bareilles’ music or if she will stick to the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ rule.

Kaleidoscope Heart out September 7th.  



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