Outdoing the sound of Freedom, Akon  delivers a modern worldbeat number renovated into an African samba. Its lyrics allude to advancement and endurance in the face of hardships; it confines African pride from beginning to end. Keri Hilson lends her voice to the recording as she spurs and wires Akon in stating it is Africa’s chance to make a triumphant opportunity their own.

The addition of the percussion upsurge and a Gospel choir (conformed by unknown singers from different parts of the world) reverberate the challenges of the continent in reaching accomplishment and victory. It is heartening and representative; it suits Akon’s original intention to promote ‘Konfidence’, an independently developed charity.

It was released early in the year as a charity single but due to its insinuations of soccer and the cultural value of the World Cup, it somehow ended being an alternate to Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)’, the official song to this year series. It failed to chart significantly but that does not prevent it from being an enjoyable flicker.



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