Just a day after Katy Perry finally made her sophomore album artwork public, Perry unlocks her second single, ‘Teenage Dream’, off its equally titled record.

It sounds brazen but fervent and tender at the same time. Judging by the title, one can think no less than trite, especially when it cites remaining young forever, and lasting without regret, just love. The lyrics themselves are imaginative and young, but fall nowhere near pubescent. It shows Perry being unquestionably in love and ready to give herself in; manifested in lines where she expresses she has found her ‘missing puzzle piece’. It reflects a multiphasic structure to Teenage Dream, as it tones down the frisky preceding single, keeping the lure of her debut and assorting an electronic splash of rock.

Its chorus composition adds an extended segment, being identical to the immensity of that of ‘California Gurls’. Seems Katy is aiming big in all aspects with this record, and sticking to her promise of making fun pop music with more meat in the bones with the upcoming long play.

‘Teenage Dream’ is far-fetched and all sorts of amazing. It is the epitome of pop rock. Katy Perry is really bringing it with this. She just turned from scoring the summer anthem, to also attaining this summer’s love song. If the record keeps this rhythm (both literally and figuratively), it might as well be one of the best albums released all year.

Despite the previous announcing of ‘Teenage Dream’ hitting radio until July 26th, it in fact begun to be spun on heavy rotation since the day the track made its web premiere (Thursday, July 22nd). Also, after its July 23rd official digital release, the single rocketed to the iTunes store Top 10. All signs point to it being Perry’s next chart topper.