Kylie generates an outburst of love in the street of L.A. in the video for her new album’s first single, ‘All the Lovers’, fetching couples in scenery as Minogue loosely plays the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, introducing both the title and theme by which her album goes.

White, signifying purity, is a principal motif. It widely portrays representations of the Goddess’ sacred symbols, such as doves and the white stallion galloping in the instrumental break of the song. It takes inspiration from the en masse nude photographing artist, Spencer Tunick, whose work puts across freedom of expression, acceptance, unison and equality.

Under the direction of Joseph Khan, ‘All the Lovers’ pleasingly pays tribute to a Greek orgy. It is shot wonderfully, having Kylie being at the top of the ‘lover’s pile’ which grows as she spreads the love  to those who surround and lay hands on her, as they kiss, embrace and softly caress. It culminates in a still-growing gigantic pile after Minogue’s literal submersion.

Even though the concept is the same (yet controlled) of a PlayStation 2 advertising commercial released years ago, where a whole city piles up to reach the top, Kylie makes the concept her own.

Take a look at the video below!