‘Alejandro’ follows the same handling given to Lady GaGa’s previous videos for ‘Paparazzi’ and ‘Telephone’, of being mini films or featurettes. It is by far GaGa’s most interesting video to date, aside the compelling notions of ‘Bad Romance’ in lieu of evolution and sex trafficking.

The costumes are usual GaGa: ostentatious and convoluted. It is significant to mention GaGa’s tone down wear of black pants and a vest, posing a substitute to her regular uncomfortable-looking outfits of preference.

The theme behind it is visibly a declaration for the gay community, depicting men femininely strutting firmly and reassured, grinding while strapped on beds while wearing stilettos (a possible account to their sexuality hinders), and both rejecting and attacking GaGa as an apparent illustration of the church, until she (“the church”) succumbs to their ways by shedding her white-inverted red crossed garments, allowing to be seen and touched. GaGa seems to allude to the church’s hypocrisy regarding sexuality (hence the religious references in the video), based on the recent allegations of the church’s involvement in sexual abuse scandals, which were addressed by Pope Benedict XVI in a worldwide broadcast to clarify misunderstandings and statements blown out of proportion.

The cinematography is excellent. The choreography aside from being slightly repeated is grand, having an unruffled Latin trace. The executions of the scenes are homo-erotic and ludicrously meaningful. The imagery signifies the closeted homosexual in a sleeping male figure in heels and fishnet stockings, nevertheless wearing a military hat just like the rest of the apparently straight men in a pub, therefore representing the cover up they must endure to be accepted in a scrutinizing society. The video is not in accordance to its summer release, it is dark but still pleasing to the eye. Symbolism composes the whole clip and it is so effectual, it is subject to open interpretation. One thing one can be certain of is her crystal-clear approval for the gays.

Watch the official ‘Alejandro’ teaser below!