Months of anticipation end right here. Katy Perry has officially unveiled the impressive cover art for her highly awaited sophomore album, Teenage Dream. The cover is a painting by Will Cotton, responsible for the artistic direction of Perry’s music video to the smash ‘California Gurls’.

The brush work is immaculate, the concept obviously influenced the music video for the first single, but there is absolute quality and ingenuity to this. There has not been anything this excellent printed in an album in a while since Courtney Love had Olivia’s signature in the cover of her solo debut, America’s Sweetheart.

Perry made the album cover known to fans through a live stream video from her site, where she discussed Will Cotton’s work, talked about the inspiration behind the cover, songs and answered questions from fans concerning her upcoming tour, both her impending new video and radio release of the album’s title track as her second single, and her favorite song off the new record, being it ‘Firework’, and ‘Peacock’ following closely.

The cover took six weeks and a half to complete according to Cotton in the online stream. It is absolutely gorgeous, dreamy and sophisticatedly sexy. Perry also announced the cover will not have her name or album title over it because she doesn’t want to ruin its artistic value.  It was also stated the album booklet will be ‘125% cotton candy scented’; look forward to it.

Teenage Dream available August 24rth, featuring production by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Calvin Harris, Greg Wells and Tricky Stewart.