Ciara went slightly off beam from her urban musical upbringings in the poppy Fantasy Ride, which resulted in a fan division and rapid loss of popularity due to the underwhelming reaction towards the album singles, at the exception of the Justin Timberlake featured ‘Love, Sex, Magic’, which opened doors to the album’s release.  

Ciara’s homecoming to the hood is marked in a whipping double meaning lyrically styled single, assisted by rapper Ludacris, who preciously collaborated on her debut’s cut, ‘Oh’.

It is danceable, laid back R&B. It is sensual and captivating, and pampers her original fan base, who fell in love with the street sound of Goodies. The velvety vocals are a superb addition to the feebleness of the track. Ciara’s soft delivery of the verses almost feels as it were a salacious whisper to one’s ear. It is infectious and sultry. Despite its sensual nature and being very ‘out there’, it does not slip off as vulgar or trashy but distinguished.

It has not made an arresting impact in the main Billboard chart, but with zero promotion, based solely on digital sales, radio play and a banned video from BET*, it swung between the 50’s and 60’s positions for weeks in the Hot 100, until it started to steadily climb spots and now sits at an unexpected #42. ‘Ride’ will be followed by the release of ‘Gimmie Dat’, as the second single.

Basic Instinct set to be released August 17th.



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