Maroon5 had their musical break with ‘This Love’ off Songs about Jane when it blew up big in 2003, a year after its initial release, and experienced more success with ensuing singles such as ‘She Will Be Loved’ and ‘Sunday Morning’. After It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, a more mature side to the band came to light and had them sparkle with a combination of practically danceable rock. Now the band is preparing Hands all Over, with ‘Misery’ as its first single, which does not sound any different to their past work.

‘Misery’ is an entrancing contemporary rock track, just like their previous recordings. The songwriting is marvelous, as it really palpates on the rough moments in a relationship in verses as, ‘why won’t you answer me? the silence is slowly killing me’. Lyrically, it is the total opposite to ‘Makes Me Wonder’ which defiantly phrased, ‘It really makes me wonder if I ever gave a f*** about you and I’. Unlike the aforementioned which tries to get back at a female figure, ‘Misery’ begs its female counterpart and admits being ‘desperate and confused’ and repeatedly questions ‘why’. The highlight is its all-around confessional hook ‘Girl, you really got me bad…I’m gonna get you back.’ The single is not uninteresting, it just has been heard all before for the most part.

The composition is basically the same as their breakthrough ‘This Love’, it skips a beat in between the main verses before the track stomps right back to its tempo; it even has a piano driven segment which serves as a bridge; it can easily be part two to ‘This Love’. It results in a between ‘This Love’ and the originally amazing ‘Makes Me Wonder’. It is definitely addictive and worth checking out, but shows no distinction from what they have released before and most importantly shows no signs of what they are capable of; it is typical Maroon5.

Hands All Over in stores September 21st.



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