Katy Perry returns with ‘California Gurls’, the first serving off Perry’s upcoming album, Teenage Dream. Perry has stated her new record will not exactly be a considerable departure from One of the Boys, but its first single most definitely is.

It is sternly sun kissed and upbeat. The beat hits hard with a massive double chorus, stipulating the listener to dance in the middle of an intermingled wah-wah guitar strum, which consolidates utmost delight; it is impossible to not sing along.

Many have criticized the single for being reminiscent of Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’. Both share the same production under Lukasz Gottwald a.k.a. ‘Dr. Luke’, but truth be told, ‘California Gurls’ goes light years beyond ‘Tik Tok’, which despite being catchy and club oriented, it is nothing more than a enormously monotonous auto-tuned drunken paced track. Perry achieves everything ‘Tik Tok’ wishes it had: charisma, enthusiasm and thrill.

The funny thing about the single is instead of being a shallow pop song and of giving the sense of glancing at a beach party, it fascinatingly draws the listener in, making it become the beach party itself. The song is just too arousing, it makes one want to book the first flight available to California. The vibe it proposes is pretty amazing and just makes one throw hands in the air, feel merry and joyous.

It is a certified #1 smash, which just proved to be by scoring six consecutive weeks atop the Billboard chart after it debuted at #2 with no promotion, and rose to #1 after Perry’s dazzling live performance at the 2010 Mtv Movie Awards. Going 2x platinum in just seven weeks, breaks digital sales records previously held by Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’, taking its place thus coming second in digital history to Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ with four week sales of over 300,000. It has become the fastest number one leaping single from Capitol Records in 43 years and is ranked the fastest #1 climbing single in Pop Radio.

Expect Teenage Dream to be reviewed in Harbingers once it becomes available.