Katy Perry’s new music video caters to the boys with sexy confectionary costume ensembles and a stunning shot of Perry lying nude in a cotton candy cloud; guys never craved so much cotton candy at the sight of this.

The stylization of the bejeweled daisy dukes, the squooshy bikini tops and the real candy confectioned attires are all fabulous and extravagant, as well as the Will Cotton-inspired landscape throughout the video, which despite being mostly green screen with computer generated imagery, does not look cheap at all. Regardless of the little choreography towards the creamy climax of the video, Katy’s unrehearsed flirts, spontaneity and flamboyant personality add a lot to the carefree summery celebration the single entails.

The video encloses the sunny ecstasy from the single, but it does not receive the literal treatment, except for the inescapable description of the daisy dukes and bikini tops. Judging by the song, one would expect hot chicks, a jeep ride alongside the beach shores, palm trees and topless hunky men, but instead Perry takes her idea of the California girl through a journey in Candyland (or ‘Candyfornia’ as styled in the actual video), widely referencing key spots of the Golden coast.

‘California Gurls’ becomes more of a sugary board game instead of a summer ‘beachy’ drive in the streets of L.A., and a showdown between Perry and its featuring guest Snoop Dogg. Both the scenery and the girls are to die for; it is sassy, colorful and feisty it makes one want to bite its lip. It is hard to choose between looking at the huge candy galore display or the jaw dropping looks from Perry. The whole video is just a wild tease, one can almost taste it. It definitely melts any man’s popsicle.

Harbingers is throwed! Preview the video in all its glory below!

Teenage Dream drops August 24rth.